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Cathie Twisselman, Madonna Inn Quarter Horses
"Your help, advertisements, site and postings have been a GREAT DEAL OF HELP to us in promoting our horses here at Madonna Inn Quarter Horses...more than you know!!! I would recommend you and "Horse Mail USA" to ANYONE interested or is trying to promote their horse business.  As a matter of fact I'd say you'd probably be GREAT at promoting ANY KIND OF BUSINESS!!!To tell you the truth, I've pretty much quit using ANY OTHER type of advertising at all since I met you and "Horse Mail USA".

Leigh Vineyard, Tom Balding Bits and Spurs
We were amazed at your email broadcast rates vs. the other competition.  Our website traffic has sky rocketed and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Your efficiency and hard work at Horse Mail USA was a breath of fresh air.  Thank you for a job well done.  We’ll definitely do business with you in the future.

Sandy and Matt Lowery (2008 World Champion Auctioneer)
Lowery Quarter Horses

“We recently had our Lowery Quarter Horse dispersal and used the Horse Mail USA along with The Working Horse and the Quarter Horse Journal in advertising.

We didn't do a lot of other advertising. We had quite a bit of response when the print ads came out but when the
first notifications from Horse Mail came out, the response was over whelming. We had over 40 states respond. Our
catalog was also on Horse Mail and there were many that looked at the catalog on line and then contacted us about horses listed in the catalog.

I wouldn't have another sale without Horse Mail. It is one of the greatest advertising bargains you get for your dollar.”

Bill and Carrie Weller, Weller Ranch
"When we started our annual sale, we advertised using Horse Mail USA. It has given us outstanding coverage coast to coast while helping build a good client list. The Internet has changed the way the equine world markets horses, and Horse Mail USA is one of the best, most economical avenues to reach the expansive horse community. Horse Mail USA represents some of the best advertising dollars we spend to promote our horses.

We have formed many relationships and friendships from a simple email, inspired by a catalog request generated by Horse Mail USA, not to mention the many, many horses we've placed resulting from their email broadcasts. We've been very pleased with the response, from both spring and fall sale promotions, and will continue to use your services to promote our horses and cattle. Thank you for a reliable, worthwhile Internet service!"

Mary West, Jim West Working Horses
"Oh my!  I checked my email this morning, like I usually do and there were 29 emails for catalog requests directed from Horse Mail USA! I thought there was something wrong with my Outlook because I never get that many emails.  I really didn't think I'd get this kind of response.  Any doubt I had in spending the money on this advertising has now been turned upside down.  I have now (this afternoon)received over 100 requests for catalogs.  What great response! Thanks again for your help-I couldn't be happier with the results!"

Jim Leachman, Hairpin Cavvy, Billings, Montana
"Horse Mail USA is our major marketing tool, displacing much other media advertising. Their service is faster and more targeted, efficient and effective. More importantly, you know that Dan Leo and his experienced staff are personally and actively monitoring every detail to insure optimum success of your email broadcast promotion. My vote of confidence in their professionalism is expressed in our annual marketing budget. Before our recent large horse sale, the huge customer response generated from a Horse Mail broadcast was most comforting to the typical pre-sale jitters! The sale results were excellent with horses selling throughout the US and into Canada and Mexico.

With many years of national and international seedstock promotion experience within the cattle and horse industry, I must note that their service is consistently yielding the best response of the advertising dollars invested. As in the past, we look forward to the future exposure they will generate for our horses and bulls with their Horse Mail and Cattle Mail USA services."

Jim Heird, Director of Teaching and Outreach;
Colorado State University Equine Sciences

"We were very pleased with the email blast design, layout and features you developed for the Legends of Ranching Sale. Your page looked exactly like our print ad and that was important to us. It was an extremely easy process to forward pictures for the blast and for the photo gallery page. We were also very pleased with the number of catalog requests generated from the email blast and our sale being posted on the site. Overall, we had a great experience using your services and appreciate your professionalism and effective advertising techniques. Thank you.”

Suzie Cox, Tim Cox Fine Art - Eagle Creek Enterprises
"We have been advertising Tim Cox art and Eagle Creek Enterprises with the major magazines for the last 20 years or so and we have never had the kind of response that we did with Cattle Mail & Horse Mail USA. For about the same amount of money that a 1/2 page color advertisement in Western Horseman would cost, we were able to reach over 80,000 potential customers and we received 500 information requests or orders. Nothing else comes close!"

Daniel Kamen, D.C -
"I am very pleased with the results I got from Horse Mail USA.  I conduct seminars and sell therapy equipment to the equine community.  I've used other companies for my email advertising with mixed results.  Horse Mail USA is the best value I ever got for the money."

Chad Golladay, Editor-in-Chief of Broker Agent News, LLC,
The Nation's Largest Independent Real Estate Trade Publication

“Just a quick note of thanks for the excellent job you’ve done Dan.”

Reed Thomas - Reed Thomas Quarter Horses
"Our 3rd Annual 'Top of the Crop' Production and Invitational Sale sale interest has been much improved this year by using your Horse Mail USA email broadcast. I have been absolutely amazed at the tremendous response, certainly a credit to your strong database of horsemen. We have sent everyone requesting a catalog and now look forward to sale day. Thanks for a great service to our horse industry. We will be back with you next year for sure"

Shelli Langdeau , WFQHA Marketing & Promotions
"Thanks to Horse Mail USA for such great exposure on the WFQHA World Sale!! Horse Mail USA has given our members one of the best opportunities to reach our target market of Quarter Horse buyers. At the WFQHA, we believe in “Versatile Foundation Quarter Horses” TM and that “The Proof Is In The Performance” TM. Your mass email alerts has definitely been one of the greatest marketing avenues for our “Premiere Foundation Quarter Horse Sale Of The Year” TM. We look forward to working with you again soon. Thank you for your staff’s professionalism, friendliness and sincere desire to help the WFQHA World Sale succeed!!! Your company has definitely proven itself through its performance!!!"

Kyle Elwood, Farmers and Ranchers Livestock
"The amount of feedback for the money invested has proved to be a good return....definitely advertising dollars well spent! You had the broadcast page and online catalog setup right without any changes necessary which is a big help on our end. We especially like the updated color photos you added to our ad and your quick loading online sale catalog. The first day your broadcast went out we had 112 catalog requests. All but two of these were new which is very important in our efforts to expand our customer base. We plan to use your services again for our other upcoming horse sales."

Bill Lefty, Bill Lefty Auctioneer/Sales Manager, LLC.
"FIRST…You and your staff "delivered more than you promised". By y'all "burning the midnight oil", we were able to digitally send you…via Cyberspace…our Fifty-Two (52) page Catalog with One Hundred Forty-Eight (148) photos and Full Color Covers at approximately 8:00 PM Pacific Time, and at 4:45 AM the following morning I was able to easily access our Sale Catalog on your Web Site. How did You…Do That?

THE QUALITY of our Catalog on your Web Site was a mirror of the of very Expensive…Printed Version. The Full Color pages actually appeared to be enhanced when displayed on screen. THE EASE of downloading the pages was a real contrast to the difficulties we experienced with our previous online catalogs. You have greatly improved the technology.

TIMES HAVE CHANGED and you have helped us take advantage of the efficiencies available. I am impressed with the response to our E-mail Broadcast…but the ECONOMICS…of those inquiries being able to instantly…view the Entire…Sale Offering…in an illustrated Catalog…beats the hell out of me having to mail them a Sale Book that cost Three Dollars Fifty Cents ($3.50)…PLUS…POSTAGE…AND THEN…holding my breath…hoping they get it in time. You have also helped us to drastically reduce our FedEx Charges.

SELLERS NOW HAVE AN ADDITIONAL TOOL…to use in concert with Traditional Adverting…to market their Livestock. IN THE FORTY YEARS…I have had the privilege to work for Producers in marketing their Cattle and Horses…I have always embraced new methods as well as the proven basics. You are providing a Viable, Economically Sound, Effective option to be considered when Result$ Count."

Bill and Carole Smith - WYO Quarter Horse Ranch
"Just a note to tell you about our excellent response from the Email Broadcast you did for our upcoming sale. We have received a number of phone calls from interested parties plus a large amount of catalog last count they have came from 37 states and Canada. Frankly we had so many requests from your broadcast that we ran out of catalogs to mail but fortunately was able to redirect them to the online catalog. Next year we will print several hundred more catalogs in anticipation of the potential response you generate.

Also, we appreciated how your design staff duplicated our print ad in keeping the same theme of our other print ads. Getting good, full color picture exposure of our horses is very important for the buyers...and adding the Photo Gallery page was a real plus. Thanks again!"

Dominic Lolli - Lolli Bros
"I have never experienced this volume of response from any kind of advertising before.
What made your services even more impressive was the fact that after our print advertising had already reached the potential readers...your Email Broadcast advertising created a whole new wave of interest. I would estimate that over 350 catalog requests were generated, and that was amazing! Call me ahead of our next big sale in May."

Ann Twombly - Twombly Arena
"When Dan Leo and I had our first conversation over the phone regarding possible results from the Horse Mail USA email broadcast I was skeptical at first. It sounded too good to be true. To date I have had 160 sale catalog requests and I have had to increase our bandwidth usage to 6 Gig due to the increased traffic on our website. I was impressed with the quality of their workmanship and the way he closely monitors our customer response. I am confident that this will be our best spring sale ever. I highly recommend this new outreach to all horse sale managers."

Carol Whitman - Whitman Sales Company
"After being in the horse business all of my life and the horse sale management business for many of those years, the tremendous results we received from your Email Broadcast services was something like I have never experienced before. I was truly amazed at the large catalog request response, considering the fact that all print magazine and newspaper advertising was already done. This clearly showed me that you could reach more potential buyers than all the other advertising combined. As you know, we also used DV Auction for live Internet bidding which also was a new and good experience. With this service, pre-registration was required for bidding approval. We advertised their service in all ads and our sale catalog but honestly had modest pre-registration until your Email Broadcast went out...then those bid approval applications really came in. After all my years in the horse marketing business, this was was best sale ever and I give a lot of credit to your Email Broadcast promotion and the DV Auction Internet bidding. I will never have another sale without either again!"

Phillip and David Solum - Mid America Equine Sales
"Just wanted you to know that we are very pleased with the results we got from using your Horse Mail USA services for our November 13, 2004 horse sale. The Email Broadcast you sent out was an immediate success. The first day we received 81 requests for catalogs and continued to get 40 - 50 requests everyday after that. That is more requests than we have ever received from any other form of advertising. Several new buyers directly resulted, two in particular bought a substantial number of horses including our top seller. Thank you again and we look forward to doing business with you in 2005."

Jim and Tana Brinkman - Pitzer Ranch
"Adding your Email Broadcast and Online Sale Catalog services to our recent horse sale promotion proved to be very effective. Catalog requests resulting directly from your broadcast came from 36 states and three foreign countries. I might add that having such a fast loading, user friendly online sale catalog was a great tool for our customers. Thanks to everyone involved for your expertise in design. The broadcast page was really sharp and having it and the 750 head catalog done within a couple of days was awesome! Schedule us in for our upcoming spring sale."

Jann Parker - Billings Livestock Commission Horse Sales
"Great job, Dan Leo and crew! It's refreshing to work with an outfit that 'stays on course' and keeps after it until the job is done - even if that means it's after 5 p.m.! Your professionalism and commitment to produce a first-class product is admirable - we'll do business again, I promise!"

Joel Edge, Edge Livestock Marketing and Auctioneer
"Your crew at Horse Mail continue to do an outstanding job! I appreciate the prompt turn around and professional work that you do. On one of the horse sales we managed last fall we had 100 catalog requests in the first 24 hours strictly off Horse Mail USA. They were nationwide and we sold horses because of it. The only bad news was we had to print more catalogs...A good problem to have. In short our client made more money and the buyers were thrilled to get the horses they had been looking for! Thanks for the outstanding job! We will continue to recommend your company."