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Email Broadcast
Innovative and Interactive Marketing Technology that is rapidly changing advertising promotion response to new levels! It is truly the most economical, effective and fastest avenue to get information to your potential horse buying customers today.

Proven in Corporate America, the Email Broadcast is rapidly revolutionizing the way promotional information gets to the customer. As a demonstration of our marketing leadership and foresight, we are proud to provide this form of promotion to the HORSE INDUSTRY. With the increasing number of Internet online viewers today, this marketing technology is rapidly changing the way advertising is being distributed.

Our team of design specialists is the very best in the industry to create a promotional message that can be seen by thousands at the click of a finger. Our huge database of potential horse buyers is growing daily with the active Website Subscriptions. Sortable by state(s), region(s) and horse breed(s) to best reach your potential horse customer.

Utilizing existing horse pictures with pertinent horse auction information on horses for sale we develop an attractive Email Broadcast Page. Making it a resource of horse sale information, we also provide user friendly links to online horse sale catalogs, listings of horses for sale, horse catalog request forms and horse web sites. Click Here to view Broadcast Page examples on our Customer Portfolio or on the Sale Calendar.

To insure the Broadcast Page is personal and viewers open each broadcast received...

FROM LINE…is personalized with your individual, ranch or farm name.
SUBJECT LINE… references what, when and where you are selling.

With the largest and fastest growing Email data base available to the horse industry we can efficiently target various types of buyers interests located anywhere in the US.

Please note that various sorting options are available reach the desired recipient.

We endorse and comply with requirements of CAN-SPAM of 2003.