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Our Viewer Commentary
“I believe that you are utilizing one of the very best marketing tools available today for our industry. The horse marketing industry as a whole has changed it's appearance dramatically in the past decade; and particularly in the past couple years with the growth and rapid advancement of the use of the internet as a source for worldwide markets, readily available complete with pedigrees and pictures or video. The concept of being able to access online the catalog, view multiple photos with captions, have access to online photo galleries and owners websites has made your site a premier operating venue among the genre out in the internet forum.

I wholeheartedly enjoy the convenience of all aspects that this venue offers, from advance sale notice to being able to order print catalogs online to accessing online bidding. It is without doubt among the best, if not THE best. Thanks for all you do to promote the growth of our industry.” Robin A.

"Hi ~ I first want to thank you for the service you provide. I would not have known about some of the sales if it wasn't for your sale email notices. I also appreciated the easy to fill out and send form for the catalogs and the links to the site to see the sale horses listed. It makes it easier to see what kind of sales are all there for you to decide on what kind of horse you want to purchase. Thank you again." Darla M

"I appreciate receiving your sale ad notices tremendously. It is convenient and fast. I like to be able to access the catalogs on-line as sometimes mailed catalogs can arrive too close to sale time to analyze. Ordering catalogs online makes life simpler...I like to be able to order them through the Internet, saves time and money on long distance calls. Accessing online catalogs is invaluable to me as an international bidder...I can research horses and horse families, bloodlines, etc. Bidding on-line is a must for today's society; it allows access for those who are unable to attend. Your services are a great advancement for those in the horse industry! Horses are now marketed easier to a much wider market, raising their value. Thanks for the great work!" Arlene S.

"I like the full page color picture flyers and access to click on to any segment I want. If I’m not interested I can just delete it. I live in Nebraska, so the sales far away are new to me. I’ve really liked getting the few catalogs I actually did order." Angie J.

"I have been very impressed with the information available through the Internet. It has enabled me to view horses for sale across the country and target the catalogs I want without getting on everyone's list." Jim W.

"Your service has enabled me to view horses that I would otherwise not know were available. In these busy times it is nice to be able to view your online catalogs and order sale catalogs online in the comfort of my own home when time permits. I really enjoy the notifications by email to sales I don't hear of from other sources. Thank you and please keep sending them." George M.

"This site is perfect!!!!!!" Kay L.

"I have greatly enjoyed the email notices for horse sales, the online catalogs are great, and when I've requested a catalog they have arrived faster than I ever imagined they would, Keep up the good work!" Alicia B.

"We love to have the up to date information on horse sales and advertisers web sites at the touch of our finger tips. Thanks for the great job from both the advertisers and buyers." F. L.

"Since I found Horse Mail USA on the web, I have found it to be a very convenient source for sale notices, sales information, and wonderful color ads. Requesting sale catalogs used to take forever, and many times never got one, but through Horse Mail USA it has become SIMPLE, SMOOTH, EFFICIENT, AND GUARANTEED to get the catalog I ordered BEFORE the sale date. I am unable to bid on line, due to still being on dial up, but wish I had the capability. Horse Mail, USA is mighty good for the Equine industry." Fanning Farms

"It is indeed a pleasure to advise you that your e-mails on the horse sales are very well designed and the pictures and the information are also excellent. The catalogues on the sales requested were received in a period of time prior to the sale date so they could be viewed by us as prospective buyers. Thanks." Gene M.

"I have bought a horse using the Internet and found it to be a very rewarding experience. Prior to my purchase I did allot of research as to what the market was and which pedigrees were doing well in the sale ring, show arena, and for all around ranch horses. In doing that I found a mare that would fit me well and also do well as a future brood mare if I so chose to use her as that. With out the sale catalogues and online pictures, that information would have been very difficult to find. I thank you for the fine work you do and keep up the good work." Betty A.

" has been an incredibly useful email service. When looking for that special horse, getting web catalogs from all over the US, is invaluable. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be able to be informed of sales that I wouldn't have otherwise known about. The graphics and links are first rate, as well as the ease of ordering a paper catalog if I desire." Tracy K.

"I have appreciated getting your sale info via e-mail. I have requested several catalogs and received them quickly. We have not bid on line but have followed a couple of sales that way while being in phone contact with people there. You are providing a good service that I hope is successful for both you and your sale customers. It is a neat way for people like us to evaluate horses being offered across the country without receiving a catalog for each sale, only those of particular interest. Please keep me on your mailing list." Curt K. "I appreciated the convenience of being able to view horses for the upcoming sales through internet notification. Although I enjoy catalogs at home to look at in my leisure, this is a great way to be updated and to request hard copy if it is needed. Thank you." Brenda D.

"Your email notices are absolutely wonderful!!!!! A picture is worth a thousand words and the sale ad page, photo gallery and online catalog combination really shows us the quality of the offering. I just wish we had more and better sales closer to us in Alabama. Great work!" Ginny P.

"Thank you so much for adding us to your database for interested horsemen. The convenience of receiving sale ad notices & online sale catalogs via email is a wonderful addition to the horse industry." Tab J.

"Good morning, I am impressed with your service and response time. The ads are professionally prepared and eye appealing. The ordering of catalogs is easy; and the email notification is a great way to market; connecting buyers and sellers. Your dedication to the equine industry is appreciated. Keep up the good work and thank you." John O.

"I think the online catalogs are great. It gives me a chance to see if I want the hard copy. They are convenient and easy to look through. If I do decide to order one, they are delivered very soon afterwards. It makes it a lot easier to try to find the horse you are looking for. Thanks!" Kris I. "I have really enjoyed receiving the e-mails and especially looking through the catalogs and seeing the pictures. Hopefully I will continue to receive your e-mails. Thank you very much." Sioux D.

"I enjoy getting the online notifications. Sometimes a picture will just catch my eye and interest me in the sale. Ordering the catalog online is very time saving and appreciated." Pat K.

"First I would like to say that horsemailusa is a great way for me to explore the sales that are out there. I love the color online catalogs that were sent out as they gave you better look at the horse that caught your eye. It also gave me opportunity to see what horses where selling and what blood lines where being sold. Thanks for the all the hard work to keep people like me interested in going to the sales closer to my living area. Keep up the good work." Steve S.

"We're impressed by the photos, how your pages are well organized, and the information provided...good job." Pam K.

"I like getting the catalog offers that you send. If it weren't for those I'm sure that I wouldn't be able to find specific horses that I occasionally buy, without a major fuss and hassle. Thank you and Happy Trails!" Sue B.

"Your emails about upcoming sales are always looked forward to. If it were possible to get the sale results, I have only found one sale that has posted them at later date. Would be a great help to know the values in different parts of the country and what disciplines were the most popular sellers. Thanks." LeRoy P.

"I appreciate the convenience offered by the e-mail service. I save time by being able to pre-qualify a particular horse by viewing the photos and comments. It also helps keep me abreast of sale dates I might otherwise forget or not even know about. Thanks!!"
Shannon C.

"This has been very beneficial for me. It saves me time and effort. I like the way you do advertise on the net. It is very beneficial and helps me to find bloodlines I am looking and I do not know of their whereabouts. Blessings." Harry S.

"I really enjoy the e-mails, but most of the sales are way out of my area. However, it is easy to access the sales info on line and to order a catalog. I do enjoy getting the notices. Thank you." A.C.

"I would like to thank you for the service you offer. It is great to be able to see what is out there for sale in other parts of the country. I have been involved in the horse industry for quite awhile and this is the biggest breakthrough in a long time. Being able to see the all these sales online is just another great tool for anyone in the horse business. The only complaint that I would have is the limited amount of time to get to some of these sales. A few times I have ordered a catalog and then did not receive it until the day of the sale. It would be nice to have a little more time to plan travel or set up time to get to the Internet. This is a minor problem as they are always on the net to check out but it is nice to have a paper copy while listening or attending the sale. Again thanks for the service." Rob L.

"You are providing a great service. Keep up the great work. I like being able to click on a particular sale that I'm received and browse their sale catalog to see if there is something I would want to take a closer look at. The response time has been great when requesting a catalog and getting answers to questions about a particular animal. Thank you!" Dawn L.

"We've been very happy with your service of being able to order catalogs for your horse sales online. The emails alerting us to the sales have come in good time. The color photos on the online catalog are extremely helpful to evaluating the sale's offerings in general. We wish all horses listed could be shown in photo but know that it would be very time consuming. It helps us to see them in a still photo to know if they are still of interest to us, besides just their pedigree, which is our starting point of interest. Sometimes we have trouble downloading your online catalogs but we only have dial up access at home. We go to town to my husband's office to watch sales online as it has high speed. He also gets your emails there so he can look at the catalogs online if he has the time.
Please keep up the good work for the horse industry. Thanks." Luther & Susanne W.

"I find the catalogs by e-mail are a very informative venue. Not only is it as complete as a print catalog, it is probably less expensive as well as instant gratification for the horse lover! Thanks!" Dusty S.

"I enjoyed being able to view the catalog for the Reining Sale at Heritage Place but even better was being able to watch the sale in progress. Maybe next time I am interested in a horse I will attempt to bid online while watching the sale." Davy D.

"I have found your e-mail to be a very quick and easy way to check out the sale offering. Also ordering a sale catalog is quick and easy. Thank you for providing this service."
Ken W.

"Basically I love the idea of getting everything on line--it's quick and great advertising."
D. M.

"I enjoy receiving the e-mails about the upcoming horse sales and to be able to access the catalogs online. Otherwise, I would probably not even hear about the sales." Trudy C.

"I am very impressed how you (Horse Mail USA) have sent notices of up coming sales, Also the ease of ordering catalogs on line; ease of accessing photo galleries and on line catalogs. It has made it very simple to view and review information to make decisions as what to request .Also I was impressed how quick catalogs are received. Thanks!" Dean G.

"Thank you for the service you offer. I think it is great. You do a great job. I especially like to be able to order the sale catalogs." Shawna K.

"Let me tell you that we appreciate the work you do with your auctions and the announcements we receive by email. Love the color photos and captions that make it much easier to select certain horses. Ordering catalogs online is a real plus. Your service is very useful, keep up the good work!" Anne and Roger R.

"I have been very pleased with all aspects of your service. The response has been very timely and the quality has been excellent." Thanks, Jim E.

"I would like to say you have done a great job with the notification of sales via email. I think the notices are prompt, have great pictures and the ability to order the sale catalog is left up to each individual. You can view the online catalog and if it looks like something you want to look further into you have the option of ordering. I'm sure it saves on mailing list postage for sale holder too.
I know personally there are a few sale catalogs that I never would have ordered if it where not for your service. Thank you and keep up the great work!" Michelle C.

"I’ve been very pleased with the service provided. It’s nice to receive notification via email for sales you are handling. I especially enjoy being able to preview the catalog on-line. They are always well organized & easy to use. I have always received a paper copy of any catalog I have requested promptly. I very much appreciate your service & hope you continue for years to come." Marvin and Lisa B.

"My one passion in life is the horse industry. Through your Horse Mail USA information I have found a way to enjoy the best of the horse sales and auctions. Your emails are always ahead of the sales and I have requested some of the auctions by mail. They have always arrived in time and gave us plenty of time to tour each event before it was to broadcast. I look forward to each sale and plan to become involved in the live auctions in the future. Thanks Horse Mail USA." Jackie R.

"I enjoy looking at the horse catalogs. The recent site for the Southwest Performance Classic has a great format, and is easy to navigate with my dial-up computer. Other catalogs take a long,long time to load. Thanks" Phil E.

"I would like to say you have done a great job with the notification of sales via email. I think the notices are prompt, have great pictures and the ability to order the sale catalog is left up to each individual. You can view the online catalog and if it looks like something you want to look further into you have the option of ordering. I'm sure it saves on mailing list postage for sale holder too.

I know personally there are a few sale catalogs that I never would have ordered if it where not for your service. Thank you and keep up the great work!" Michelle C.