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“Rapid Load” Online Horse Sale Catalogs
The fastest loading, most user-friendly and printable online version available…a 100% duplicate of the printed format. Every page has our advanced “Rapid Load” and NEW "Page Turning" Technology!

Having your online horse sale catalog…LOOK LIKE YOUR PRINTED SALE CATALOG is important. It is far superior to traditional slow-loading PDF versions and single lot template catalogs!

In today’s information age powered by the Internet, online sale catalogs are a must to get access to pedigrees, pictures and pertinent data relative to any horses being sold to the prospective customer.

Our development of the “Rapid Load” Online Catalog version makes access fast and user friendly for every viewer. With the majority of rural Internet on dial up service, having quick loading catalogs is imperative to accommodate the prospective horse buying customers.
Click on catalog cover to view entire catalog:

Click on examples below to experience difference in loading times:

"Rapid Load"
Sale Catalog
PDF Sale Catalog
Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader

Samples of the traditionally used PDF format and our Rapid Load” Online catalog can be compared above. Note the speed of the load time with our “Rapid Load” version that viewers really appreciate.

Our catalog creation department can generally build the online version in 1–2 days, depending on the size and number of pictures used in the original format. Just put us in contact with your printer or catalog designer and we will do the rest to get your catalog online.

Another plus…we can link the “Rapid Load” Online catalog to the Email Broadcast page and also provide your webmaster with a link for your website to enable full access by potential customers.